Piano Lab


All kids love music.  But let’s face it, not all kids love music lessons.

Piano lessons have basically been the same for the past 150 years.  Teacher meets with a student once a week for 30 minutes, shows them how to do a few things, then gives an assignment for the student to work on by themselves for the week.

It seems like a great system.  I learned to play the piano this way.  If you’ve taken piano lessons before, you probably learned this way too.  For the first several years of my career, I even taught this way.

However, after a while I started to notice some difficulties that were common to many students.   Kids were:

Young girl seated in front of a piano keyboard
  • progressing at a slow rate
  • asking the same questions over and over
  • reluctant to start new songs because it seemed “hard”
  • anxious at the piano and gave up easily

Even the kids who were initially enthusiastic about learning the piano were susceptible to these roadblocks.

Why was this happening?  Was it possible that I just a terrible teacher??  Was there a better way to learn piano???

I spent months researching the problem, and finally found the solution that would change the way I teach forever.

Lab-style lessons – a truly unique approach that makes playing the piano fun and easy.

Your child will build their confidence while they learn to play songs they love in a supportive, welcoming and warm lab-style setting.

Lab lessons allow your child to experience the thrill of learning the piano without the feeling of being alone, or the social isolation that can happen when you take piano lessons by yourself.

Not only do kids in lab lessons learn how to play piano, they also learn to play a variety of styles including popular music, and how to write and perform their own songs (if they choose).  This helps your child feel a sense of pride, accomplishment and ownership over the music they play.

In lab-style lessons, kids:

  • Spend a full hour with the teacher.  Imagine how much more they can learn than in just 30 minutes like traditional piano lessons.
  • Learn their entire songs during the lessons, often to the point where they are memorized.  During the week, all they have to do is rehearse what they are already good at.
  • Focus on their own music, at their own piano, working on what’s most important to them.
  • Are inspired and motivated by other kids who are learning and loving the piano – they never feel alone.
  • Work at their own pace – if they need more time on a concept, we adjust lessons to make sure they get it!
  • Are empowered and supported each step of the way in a pressure-free environment.
  • Reinforce and review concepts using top-rated music-learning apps.

No wonder kids love the Piano Lab!