About the Studio

North Delta piano lessons for kids aged 5 and up

Piano Lessons Near Me

The Studio is convenient to your location.  We are 10 minutes or less from just about anywhere in North Delta.

Outstanding Instruction

It can be difficult to find a local piano teacher that offers “award winning” lessons.  This Studio offers fun beginning lessons.  But for students who want to get more serious, we offer the opportunity to compete in the Royal Conservatory’s Examination Program.  This is an internationally-recognized achievement program for kids of all ages, and our students typically achieve top honours marks.


Student Focus

Students love playing songs they know! Not only do we teach the “basic facts” of music, we help students find music that they love and include it in their lessons. Our students get to select their favourites:

•  Songs from their favourite movies (like Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Greatest Showman, etc.)
•  Songs from the radio (Katy Perry, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and hundreds of others)
•  Songs from their favourite TV shows (Disney shows and movies)
•  Many other genres (church music, jazz, as well as holiday music)

Using the best technology

We teach students in the traditional skills and methods of piano. However, the Studio uses the best technology available to achieve these goals:

• Modern Music workstations for songwriting and practice games

•  Instruction in how to use some of the most popular music apps including Smule Piano, Piano Maestro, NinGenius and Synthesia

•  Recommendations on the best acoustic and digital keyboards to buy