Level 1 Resources


For Parents: How to Help Your Child Practice Piano Safari Rote Pieces

Animal Rhythms     Tutorial

p. 15  Alphabet Boogie    Audio      Reminder Video     Performance Video
p. 16  Charlie Chipmunk    Audio     Reminder Video     Performance Video
p. 18  Hungry Herbie Hippo    Audio      Reminder Video     Performance Video
p. 20  I Like Bananas    Audio      Reminder Video     Performance Video
p. 22  Outer Space    Audio      Reminder Video


p. 10  Hands and Fingers     Tutorial
p. 11  Low and High     Tutorial

Rhythm     Tutorial

p. 23  Black Keys     Tutorial
p. 24  Ocean Animals     Tutorial
p. 25  Tundra Animals     Tutorial
p. 26  Lion Paw     Audio     Reminder Video
p. 30  King of the African Drum     Audio     Reminder Video
p. 32  Inchworm     Tutorial

Animal Rhythms     Tutorial

p. 34  I Love Coffee     Audio     Part 1      Part 2      Part 3     Part 4     Part 5      Part 6     Performance Video
p. 38  Old MacDonald Had a Farm     p. 1 Tutorial     p. 2 Tutorial
p. 40  Fred the Fish     Tutorial
p. 42  Swans on the Lake     Audio     Reminder Video     Performance Video


p. 43 White Keys     Tutorial

p. 44  C D E     Tutorial
p. 44  F G A B     Tutorial
p. 45  C D E March    Audio     Reminder Video
p. 46  Mary Had a Little Lamb     Tutorial
p. 47  F G A B Waltz    Audio     Reminder Video     Tutorial
p. 50  Tall Giraffe    Audio     Reminder Video     Performance Video
p. 54  A Day in the Life of a Tall Giraffe    Audio   Reminder Video     Performance Video
p. 58  Robots    Audio    Reminder Video


p. 60  Staff     Tutorial
p. 61  Staff part 2     Tutorial
p. 62  Landmarks     Tutorial
p. 63  The Interval of a 2nd     Tutorial
p. 64  My Dog Fritz     Tutorial     Performance Video
p. 66  Zechariah Zebra    Audio     Reminder Video     Performance Video
p. 70  Zebra on a Pogo Stick    Audio    Reminder Video    Performance Video
p. 73 BINGO     Audio     Performance Video
p. 74  Dandelion Fluff    Audio     Reminder Video
p. 80  Crocodile in the Nile    Audio    Reminder Video      Performance Video


p. 84  Skip to My Lou     Audio     Primo Tutorial     Performance Video
p. 88  Tree Frog    Audio     Reminder Video     Performance Video
p. 92  Rainforest Mystery    Audio     Reminder Video
p. 95  Baa Baa Black Sheep     Audio (no reminder video)
p. 96  Autumn     Performance Video
p. 98  Kangaroo    Audio     Reminder Video     Performance Video
p. 102  Kristabel Kangaroo Visits Korea    Audio     Reminder Video


p. 110  Soaring Bird    Audio     Reminder Video
p. 114  Hawk on the Mountain Peak    Audio    Reminder Video
p. 116  Bluebird, Bluebird on My Shoulder     Audio (no reminder video)
p. 120  Dragon Dance    Audio     Reminder Video
p. 122  A Cowboy's Life     Audio (no reminder video)
p. 124  Talent Show     Performance Video
p. 126  Monkey Swinging in a Tree    Audio     Reminder Video     Performance Video
p. 130  Monkey Blues    Audio     Reminder Video     Performance Video