Summer Camp 2023

SUMMER of music


Book Blast camps focus on mastering skills and “blasting” through your music books!

Perfect for kids age 6+ of all skill levels – beginners welcome!

Watch your child’s piano skills “blast off” with 2 months of lessons in less than 1 week.

  • Learn and pass a ton of songs, leave camp with new skills.
  • Play games to review concepts.
  • All materials are provided.
  • No home practice is required!
  • Show off your favourite song at the Parent Demo on the last day.

Thinking of starting piano lessons in September?

We’ve seen brand new beginners finish most of a level during Book Blast camps!  Imagine how confident and excited your child will feel to arrive at their first lesson already knowing how to play the piano!

Already have piano experience?

Don’t lose all that progress you’ve worked so hard to achieve!  The “summer slide” is real, and happens during any extended break from regular practicing.  Avoid the disappointment of spending the month of September reviewing what you’ve forgotten doing the summer.


All camps run 2 hours per day, Tuesday through Friday.

Week 1 Sessions

Tuesday, July 4 – Friday, July 7

10:00 am to noon


1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Week 2 Sessions

Tuesday, August 15 - Friday, August 18

10:00 am to noon


1:00 pm to 3:00 pm


Continue your usual books or take advantage of the relaxed pace of summer to explore a different program that most interests you.

Book Blast

Ages 6 +

All Skill Levels - Beginners Welcome!

Blast through a half level or more!

Explore different topics that we can't cover in regular lessons.

Imagine how great it would feel to already pass several pieces before the year even begins!

Song Writing 101

Ages 7 +

Minimum 12 months of piano lessons.

A fun, creative camp that will equip you to compose your own pieces of music.

By the end of the camp, each student will take home a printed copy of their composition, created using professional music notation software.

Intro to Pop

Ages 8 +

Minimum 18 months of piano lessons.

Learn to play lead sheets and chords to popular songs.

This camp is designed to help you be able to sit down and play, without sheet music, whether at a party or on your own while you improvise.